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Welcome to Creveling & Creveling

Located conveniently behind Summit Mall on Smith Road in Fairlawn, Creveling & Creveling is a well-rounded law firm. The husband and wife team of Creveling & Creveling have been practicing law together for over twenty-five years, with approximately sixty years combined legal experience. Michael Creveling handles all kinds of litigation issues including employment law, contracts, administrative hearings and appeals and civil protection orders. Wendy Creveling limits her practice to the area of domestic relations or “family law.”  Creveling & Creveling understands the importance of every case and the individuality of every client, and strive to give every client the time and attention they deserve.
Please note that no representation will be accepted without a signed contract. Most major credit cards and personal checks are accepted. Please feel free to contact us regarding your legal needs. Creveling & Creveling does not charge for the first half hour initial consultation.